PREQUALIFY for a mortgage.

2.   With a Realtor, find your new home and execute an Agreement of Sale.
3.   APPLY NOW for a mortgage. You'll provide the following documents:
 • W-2’s (2 most recent)
 • Bank statements 
 • Paycheck stubs 
 • Two forms of ID (one photo)
 • Recent mortgage statement, taxes and insurance receipts for each property you own
 • If you recently sold a home you'll provide the HUD 1 from that sale
 • Tax returns if your income varies as a result of commission earnings, bonus earnings, etc. 
 • Self employed documentation may vary
4.   Lock in interest rate.
5.   Receive and sign loan packet.
6.   Order appraisal.
7.   Underwriting conditions / clarifications.
8.   Receive the clear-to-close.
9.   Review closing disclosure with your Realtor.
10. Settlement day “Move in!”


DON'T MAKE ANY MAJOR PURCHASES OR APPLY FOR NEW CREDIT of any variety. Did you know that applying for a credit card could lower your score by as much as 5 points or more? This can also change your income to debt ratio which can put you at risk for delaying settlement or denial of loan.

DO WORK WITH A BROKER   A mortgage broker can shop around to various lenders and numerous products to find the best product for you. A Broker has more flexibility in finding the right product just for you.

DO BEWARE OF THAT LOW INTERNET RATE   Be careful when comparison shopping for a mortgage on-line. You might find a low interest rate, but that low rate can come with extremely high closing costs and fees. Make sure you receive a good faith estimate from your lender. This should give you a good idea of the true cost of your loan. Additionally, you must be careful of scams. Never send any money or sensitive information over the internet unless you are certain of who you are dealing with. It is wise to use a lender that is local so they can be committed to you and your closing date timeline.

DON'T LET A POOR CREDIT HISTORY HOLD YOU BACK   We will help you. Everyone finds themselves in tough financial situations at one point or another. Don’t allow previous problems to discourage you from trying for a fresh start.